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Signaturefloors Compound – Fusion Planks-SFC09

Compound is a coloured carpet plank from Fusion – the final unification and an explosion of vibrancy. Compound also introduces some colour from Core to break it up and give it a textural element. Use Compound individually or as a family in conjunction with Core & Connect to create blends and transitions. The carpet plank is also wonderful when paired with vinyl planks or woven fabric vinyl. Compound is available in 9 colour options.

Signaturefloors Connect – Fusion Planks-SFC08

Connect by Fusion Planks represents the amalgamation of the foundation and the highlight colours. Connect introduces a colour highlight in its base tones in true Signature style to help invigorate commercial spaces. Versatile and flexible, the plank design lends personality and panache to your commercial flooring projects. Lay Connect individually or in combination with Core and Connect. Alternatively, use the plank designs with vinyl planks like the 88 Planks range. Did you know that Fusion planks are GreenTag® GreenRate Level A certified? This means you can specify them in projects where style and sustainability are priorities. You can also contribute to points in the WELL Building Standard with Connect Fusion planks. Connect is available in 9 stylish colours. Order your sample today.